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Win This Space - Business Ideas? Submit It! Huron East Blog

Win This Space

Win This Space

"WIN THIS SPACE" .... Submit Your Idea [Return To Top]

The Municipality of Huron East Economic Development Department wants to inspire YOU to become an entrepreneur, and is willing to offer business and financial support to help YOU catch the spirit of our communities and build your future.

"WIN THIS SPACE" is an opportunity, which could help open the door to your new business. All YOU need to do is SUBMIT your IDEA by June 17th, 2016 at 4 pm.

Imagine this! By submitting your idea, YOU are immediately entered into the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition and a chance to be selected as a candidate. As a selected candidate, you and a guest will be invited to attend the KICK OFF Event at the Seaforth Golf Club on Friday, June 24th, 2016 where you will learn more about next steps for this "WIN THIS SPACE" opportunity.

As part of the competition, you will also receive 3 FREE Business Coaching Workshops, which will be hosted by the Small Business Enterprise Centre located in Seaforth, Ontario.

The workshops will be lead by Instructor and WIN THIS SPACE Judge Alison Lobb. Dates still to be announced. The three workshops topics include:
  1. How to Start a Business - Business Plan Development
  2. Developing a Marketing Strategy
  3. Financials - Show me the Money

Workshop Details:
  1. Each workshop is FREE to selected candidates
  2. Each workshop is mandatory for candidates
  3. Each workshop runs from 6 - 9 p.m.
  4. Each workshop will have take-away assignments/research

During the series of workshops, you will receive coaching on how to create a Business Plan, including marketing and financial background for your proposed business. Once completed, you will submit it to the Huron East Economic Development Department. Deadline to be sometime in August 2016. (TBA)

Each submission will be reviewed by the "WIN THIS SPACE" judging panel, who will select the TOP 5 Candidates. The finalists will then be invited to attend the FINALE on August 19th, 2016 and present a live 10 minute pitch about their business. Following the presentation, the judging panel will then announce the Grand Prize WINNER of "WIN THIS SPACE", who will be awarded $10,8000, (12 cheques for $900 each on a monthly basis) to be used towards the lease of a selected Commercial or Industrial space, in the Village of Vanastra. The WINNER will also receive hundreds of dollars worth of in-kind professional services from sponsors' donations.

Curious to find out more about WIN THIS SPACE?

Below is a list of questions and answeres which we hope will enlighten you on the competition, but most importantly, encourage YOU to submit your idea!

This section will be updated on an ongoing basis. As we receive additional questions about "WIN THIS SPACE", we'll be sure to share the answers with all of you.


Who is eligible to participate in WIN THIS SPACE?
The competition is open to all legal residents of Canada, 19 years of age or older at the time of submitting a business idea for the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition. The applicant must be living in the Province of Ontario.

Is the competition only open to Vanastra residents?
No, "WIN THIS SPACE" it is OPEN to anyone living in Ontario, who wishes to set up a business in the Village of Vanastra..

What type of business could I set up as part of WIN THIS SPACE?
Proposed business ideas can be submitted for businesses, which would be independently owned by one person as a sole proprietorship or owned by 2 people as a partnership. (Please note: Franchises are not being considered for the competition.) The business must conform to the zoning by-law for industrial/commerial areas. (See below the permitted uses for a C-5 & IND Designation.) Contact Economic Development Officer Jan Hawley at 519.527.0160 or, if further clarification is needed.

Within this ZONE, no person shall establish any use of land or building, or erect or alter any building or structure for any purpose except in accordance with the following provisions:


  1. agricultural service establishment
  2. agricultural supply establishment
  3. ambulance station
  4. art gallery
  5. artist, dance, exercise or photographic studio
  6. assembly hall which is carried on entirely within a wholly enclosed building
  7. auction sale facility excluding the sale of livestock
  8. bake shop
  9. bank or a financial institution
  10. bed and breakfast establishment
  11. bottle depot
  12. brewers retail outlet
  13. building supply and sales establishment
  14. bus depot
  15. business or professional office
  16. clinic
  17. commercial storage warehouse (rental units)
  18. convenience store
  19. dress making or tailor shop
  20. dwellings existing on the date of passage of this By-law & their strengthening, repair renovation, enlargement or replacement subject to the provisions of the R2 Section
  21. dwelling units secondary to a commercial use within the rear portion or upper stories of a commercial building (ZBLA 85-2009)
  22. eating establishment, restaurant
  23. eating establishment, drive-through restaurant
  24. eating establishment, take-out restaurant
  25. eating establishment, portable food outlet, in accordance with any municipal By-laws
  26. farm equipment sales, service and supply establishment
  27. farm produce sales outlet
  28. farmers’ market
  29. fire hall
  30. flea market
  31. food store
  32. funeral home
  33. gasoline bar
  34. general store
  35. government office
  36. greenhouse, commercial
  37. hardware store
  38. health club
  39. home occupation in any permitted dwelling
  40. hotel
  41. landscaping and garden supply establishment
  42. laundromat
  43. liquor store
  44. motel
  45. mobile home and/or recreational vehicle sales and service establishment
  46. motor vehicle repair shop
  47. motor vehicle rust proofing
  48. motor vehicle sales and/or service establishment
  49. motor vehicle washing establishment
  50. motorized recreational vehicle sales and service establishment
  51. parking area, accessory
  52. parking lot
  53. personal service
  54. place of entertainment
  55. printing establishment
  56. private club
  57. public building
  58. public library
  59. park, public in accordance with the Urban Natural Environment and Open space (OS) Section
  60. retail store except those dealing with heavy machinery, fuels, factory equipment, building materials, new or used automobiles, boats, trailers, motorcycles or snowmobiles
  61. post office
  62. recycling centre, electronic
  63. sign printing establishment
  64. sports and recreation facility
  65. service and repair shop
  66. tavern
  67. taxi stand
  68. tire sales establishment
  69. wholesale or warehouse use accessory to any of the foregoing permitted uses

Within this ZONE, no person shall establish any use of land or building, or erect or alter any building or structure for any purpose except in accordance with the following provisions:


    • agricultural industrial establishment
    • agricultural processing establishment not including dead stock removal
    • agricultural service establishment
    • agricultural supply establishment
    • assembly, manufacturing, fabricating, packaging, printing, publishing plant or warehouse conducted and wholly contained within an enclosed building
    • bottle depot
    • cartage, express or truck transport terminal or yard
    • catering service or light equipment rentals
    • commercial storage warehouse (rental units)
    • communications facility
    • contractor’s yard
    • dairy
    • dry cleaning establishment
    • feed or flour mill
    • fire hall
    • fuel storage tank or supply yard
    • furniture refinishing, woodworking or upholstery shop
    • grain elevator
    • indoor sports and recreational facility
    • industrial mall
    • laboratory or research facility
    • lumber yard
    • machine shop
    • motor vehicle body shop
    • motor vehicle repair shop
    • municipal water tower or water reservoir
    • parking lot
    • planing or saw mill
    • plant, ready mix
    • public park in accordance with the Urban Natural Environment and Open space (OS)
    • public works yard, garage, warehouse or storage yard
    • radio or television tower
    • recycling centre
    • service industrial use
    • textile plant
    • warehouse
    • wholesale outlet
    • window and plate glass establishment3
    • accessory use subordinate to and located on the same lot as a permitted main use including an office, showroom, retail outlet, cafeteria, or a wholesale outlet

    Can you currently own a business and still enter WIN THIS SPACE?
    You sure can! If you have solid multi-tasking skills then submit your idea. Your business idea entry must be with the intent to introduce, open and operate a new business concept , which will offer a new element not promoted in your existing business/location, or expand upon and highlight an element that would be removed from the existing business/location.

    Can you submit more than one idea?
    Certainly, go right ahead! If you have a few ideas that you feel are viable businesses for the Village of Vanastra, then submit them. However, note that only 1 of your ideas can be selected to participate in the top 30, since candidates will be required to focus on 'only' one business idea during the Business Builder Workshops. It's imperative that if selected, you would need to focus your time and energy into detailing your concept so that you would have one solid Business Plan for submission to the Judging panel for August 2016. *Exact date to be announced. Please note that all decisions made by the judges will be FINAL and not open for discussion.

    How long of a lease will the winner be expected to sign for their new space?
    The WINNER of WIN THIS SPACE must be willing to commit to signing a minimum 1-year lease from one of the participating lease spaces, which are available at the end of the competition (Summer 2016).

    What can the $10,800 prize money be used towards?
    By accepting the $10,800 prize, the WINNER commits to using the $900/month towards the first year's lease of a space available, specially for the "Win This Space" contest. The winner will select one of the available spaces at the end of the competition.

    When would I be required to lease space to set up my new business?
    The Winner would need to commit to lease one of the available spaces within 1 month of being awarded the title of WINNER. The WINNER will be announced at the FINALE during August 19th, 2016, therefore space would need to be rented by the end of September 2016.

    Do I need to work in the business on a daily basis?
    No, you are not necessarily expected to work in the winning space/business on a daily basis; however, the Business Plan created during the Business Builder Workshops and subsequently submitted to the judging panel must reflect appropriate salaries and related expenses. These would need to be detailed in your financials.

    Who will see my Business Idea Entry & Business Plan submission?
    Your business idea entry & business plan submission may be seen by the following; Municipality of Huron East Economic Development Officer, Staff of the Small Business Enterprise Centre, Huron Business Development Corporation Board of Directors, along with the "WIN THIS SPACE" Judging Panel. All submissions will be kept confidential and all selections, judgements and decisions of the panel are final and binding. Business Plan submissions are DUE by 4 pm on Monday, August 9, 2016 after which, the Judges will meet to select the TOP FIVE (5) "WIN THIS SPACE" CANDIDATES!

    Other Questions about WIN THIS SPACE?
    Please contact Jan Hawley, Economic Development Officer for the Municipality of Huron East at or by calling 519.527.0160. Best of luck to all who submit an idea!

    Also please note that "WIN THIS SPACE" Contest Rules and Regulations will be made available to candidates before or at the first Business Builder Workshop. Once the "WIN THIS SPACE" Rules & Regulations have been read, each candidate will be requested to sign and agree to the terms as specified or withdraw from the competition.

    "Win This Space" contest Rules and Regulations are subject to change & updates will be posted on the Municipality of Huron East website.

    WIN THIS SPACE Judging Panel [Return To Top]

    The Municipality of Huron East, County of Huron, SBEC (Small Business Enterprise Centre), and Huron Business Development Corporation have partnered to help launch "WIN THIS SPACE".

    The "WIN THIS SPACE" judges will review all the business ideas submitted and select the candidates, who will participate in the Business Builder Coaching Workshops. Once the candidates have prepared their Business Plan, the judging panel will meet to review the submissions and select the Top 5 finalists, who will participate in the live FINALE.

    During the "WIN THIS SPACE FINALE" to be held on August 19th, 2016, the judging panel and audience will hear live presentations made by the Top 5 candidates. The Judges will then select the one LUCKY WINNER of "WIN THIS SPACE", who will be awarded the grand prize of $10,800 towards the lease of a space......home to their new business!

    All decisions made by the Judges will be final and not open to discussion.

    Interested in reading about the panel of 7 judges for WIN THIS SPACE?

    Read more.......

    Jan Hawley
    Economic Development Officer ~ Municipality of Huron East

    Alison Lobb
    Business Consultant - Huron Small Business Enterprise Centre (SBEC)

    Paul Nichol
    Economic Development Manager of Huron Community Futures Corporation

    Maureen Agar
    Business Person & Community Volunteer

    Sherry McLaughlin
    Realtor - Royal LePage

    Cathy Elliott
    Business Person & Marriage Commissioner

    Ray Chartrand


    WIN THIS SPACE Submit Your Space [Return To Top]

    Are you a landlord with an available "FOR LEASE" space in the Village of Vanastra?

    Submit your contact information and submit your space to participate in "WIN THIS SPACE" via the form below!

    Your space can become part of the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition at NO COST!

    Once the competition WINNER is announced one August 19th, 2016, the WINNER will then be selecting a new home for their business from one of the participating spaces "for lease" in WIN THIS SPACE.

    To help the NEW business hit the ground running, the Huron East Economic Development Department and its partners will be awarding the winner $10,800 ($900/month) towards their 1st year's lease of a space in the Village of Vanastra, and if they select your space they will arrive to meet with you holding a Business Model Canvas in hand, which they will have created during their "WIN THIS SPACE" Business Builder Coaching Workshops.

    1. The eye-catching, multi-coloured vinyl & WIN THIS SPACE logo created by Heather Logan owner of "h Creates" Graphic Design will be displayed at participating properties.
    2. The signage depcting the "WIN THIS SPACE" logo will be installed on the front lawn of your business or outside your window. We'll even clean the window. All YOU need to do is submit your space!
    3. NOTE: Regarding the Winning space: WINNER of the competition will select their desired location from the available "For Lease" spaces as at August 2016 & negotiate a minimum 1 year lease with the property owner following the close of the WIN THIS SPACE competition.
    4. After the close of the competition, the sigange will be removed.
    5. Should any window related problems arise during or after the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition the Municipality of Huron East or its partners are not held responsible.
    6. Window concerns would be handled by the landlord dealing directly with the installer for a mutally agreeable resolution..
    7. Should a space involved with "WIN THIS SPACE" be leased prior to the end of the competition then the municipality will remove the WIN THIS SPACE vinyl at no cost to the property owner.
    8. A space may be both available for lease with a realtor/landlord privately and may still participate in the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition
    9. Any realtor for lease signs will also be made visible in the window or on the door of the space as space permits
    10. Should someone be looking to lease a local space during the "WIN THIS SPACE" competition THAT'S GREAT! Go right ahead and lease your space as you would normally do! Although we ask that you advise the project coordinator at The Municipality of Huron East will be happy to welcome a NEW business to the Village of Vanastra!

    The goal of WIN THIS SPACE is to inspire Entrepreneurs to start a business in the Municipality of Huron East.

    "WIN THIS SPACE" is not just about filling empty retail spaces. It's about people inspiring other people! It's about helping to fulfill someone's dream of becoming the next entrepreneur in the Village of Vanastra.

    Submit Your Space Form Submission